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Wordprocessing and PDF components 


25. November 2008

TextDynamic V1.51 -
+ improved font drop down
+ anti alias bitmap drawing in text
* improved HTML and CSS support
* several fixes to editor engine

24. November 2008

WPViewPDF V2.28.5 is now available.
+ much improved Anti Alias
+ better support for rotated pages
+ fixes problems with certain PDFs showing black areas

4. March 2008

TextDynamic V1.53 -
+ improved handling of merge fields in editor (drag&drop, protection, hide contents)
+ many additions to API
* several changes to optimize the editor
* includes our latest PDF engine

23. November 2008

WPTools V5.45 is now available. It solves problems when saving slovenien characters.

12. November 2008

The new release WPViewPDF 2.28 optimizes page selection. There are new commands to check if a page was selected and also to save/restore a selection. Most important the SHIFT key can be used to select a range of pages.
This new release implements a new algorithm to render rotated pages. This avoids problems with such PDFs which were seen in former builds.
The command "Roate" now takes the parameter "selected" to rotate the selected pages only.
Also optimized was the compatibility to PDF files which use advanced index structures. This should fix the problem "root not found".

3. November 2008

wPDF V3.30 - with Delphi 2009 support and several improvements in PDF engine. Basis gradient fill API is now supported.

26. October 2008

WPTools V6.01 with updated HTML demo and enhanced HTML format routine.

17. October 2008

WPTools V6 is now available.
new: Label printing
new: HTML format mode
new: HTTP connections (requires Synapse)
new: MIME encoded HTML (*.MSG, *.EML - requires Synapse)
new: Delphi 2009 support (needs some testing)
All new Customers who ordered WPTools 5 since 1. January 2008 trough our order page qualify to receive WPTools 6.

24. September 2008

WPViewPDF V2.26 is now available.
It introduces support for Delphi 2009. The PLUS edition can now be used to convert PDF pages to TIFF. Included are also various fixes to image and font rendering.

22. August 2008

wPDF V3.25 is now available. It incorporates several bug fixes and improves the performance. It will now simulate italic text if a font does not come in a italic edition.

20. August 2008

WPViewPDF V2.26 is now available.
The PLUS edition now implements the export of PDF pages into a multi page TIFF file.

11. August 2008

WPViewPDF V2.25 is now available.
It improves the rendering of Japanese fonts and fixes some problems which occured when merging PDF files with outlines.

1. June 2008

WPTools V5.39 is available now. It includes several improvements to the editor and stability fixes.

30. May 2008

WPViewPDF V2.23 is now available.
the VCL now publishes an event to map fonts. It includes several improvements to rendering and loading the data. It now limits the count of cached images to reduce GDI resource usage

21. May 2008

wPDF V3.23 is now available. It incorporates several bug fixes and improves the performance.
We integrated several changes to improve the creation of XMP data and PDF tags. This version also includes support for the upcoming WPTools V6.

7. April 2008

WPViewPDF V2.20 is now available.
This is an important new release. We enhanced the PDF engine in several aspects and also added new features:
- add JPEG image files to existing PDF files (scaled, cloned and rotated)
- create PNG files from PDF pages. You can specify the resolution. (see pdfMakeJPEG)
- when merging PDF files metadata (XMP data) will be created. The metadata of the first PDF file will be preserved.
- option to print scanned documents by extracting the monochrome image data and print that directly
- improved anti alias method
- improfed pdfPrint method

4. April 2008

WPTools V5.38 is available now. It includes several improvements to the editor and stability fixes. Attributes of selected text are now collected differently. The SelectedTextAttr interface will now report "undefined" for a certain attribute (such as Font or Size) if it is not uniform.

29. March 2008

RTF2PDF / TextDynamicServer V3.65
It is a fully programmable word processing engine for deployment with end user applications (DLL, VB, .NET) and on ASP or ASP.NET servers for text and PDF creation.
This release includes the latest improvements to our PDF engine for PDF/A support and better font embedding.
Now you can optionally use the reporting engine which is also available in TextDynamic. So you can use a document which contains some tokens for fields and bands to create a report. Only two events must be handled to create a new document.
Note: The new demo resets the demo timeout for RTF2PDF and TextDynamic (Free demo on download page).

27. March 2008

TextDynamic V1.45 - an important new release is available now!
This new relases implements a powerful, yet easy to use reporting tool (requires optional license). You can use standard documents enhanced with '<<...>>' tokens to mark fieds and bands and you are ready to create a report. There is even a syntax higlighting mode which marks the tokens in the text without touching the text attributes, such as text color or text font.
But there is more, a new TableToText action converts a table into tabbed or delimited text. The manual has been reorganized to make it easier to find the required information and the editing has been generally enhanced.

21. March 2008

TextDynamic V1.49 -
This new edition incorporates our latest PDF engine and includes various improvements to file loading and saving.
We also added the possibility to export pages to BMP and PNG files, and, with premium or server license, to a multipage TIFF file.

17. March 2008

The new version of our PDF viewer control WPViewPDF V2.18 is available now.
WPViewPDF opens PDF files almost instantly, even if they have hundreds of pages. Within a PDF file you can scroll from top to bottom, you are not restricted to a one page only preview. With the PLUS edition You can not only merge PDF files, you can also render text and vectors on selected pages (= "stamping"), extract and modify the info items or apply encryption. It is also possible to delete certain (selected) pages.
Several aspects have been checked and redone in V2.18
- rotated images are displayed better,
- the support for certain PDF files created by scanner has been enhanced.
- a workaround for a certain printer problem has been implemented (upside down monochrome images)
* improved support for Japanese PDF files
- improved PDF merging
+ added assembly compiled with VisualStudio 2008

27. February 2008

TextDynamic V1.43 - now with support for Visual Studio 2008 (please use the assembly WPTDynInt3.dll)
New: It is now possible to display a style drop down list in the toolbar by adding one line in the XML description of the toolbar layout.

22. February 2008

WPViewPDF V2.14.6 - fixes some problems with images and improves the possibility to select and delete / save pages (requires PLUS edition). The procedure pdfMakeJPEG has been also improved.

16. January 2008

WPViewPDF V2.14 - this release introduces the method "pdfMakeJPEG" which can be used to convert certain PDF pages to JPEG files.
This function is exported by the engine DLL to make it easy to convert PDF pages into JPEG files. No object has to be created and no initialization is required.
It also solves a problem with PDF stamping.

16. Januray 2008

WPTools V5.36 is available. This service release imporoves the editior (text selection works smoother) and fixes a few problems which were recently reported.

14. January 2008

RTF2PDF / TextDynamic Server V3.60 is now available.
It includes 3 new exciting features:
a) It is now also able to print the text - you can also select the printer,
b) it comes with a DLL to open a website over a HTTP connection,
c) it includes a special HTML formatting mode which is capable to format HTML much better than before since it autosizes table cells.
We have updated the pdfcontroldemo.exe to show this new abilities.

11. January 2008

TextDynamic V1.42 is available now. This release improves the handling and general stability and fixes problems with table rendering.
We also improved the possibility to add popup menus in the GUI definition file. Now the toolbar also shows a button to insert images. The PDF export was improved and the UTF8 HTML is now automatically activated.
The demo uses a new timeout ID, this means You can use the demo for 45 days also if you had a previous version of TextDynamic installed before.