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Spellcheck VCL ComponentWPSpell

WPSpell is a component to add spell check to word processors developed with WPTools.


WPSpell is now available in version 2. The dictionary compiler can now handle much larger word lists and is up to 50 times faster doing so. The dictionaries are only compatible to Version 2. The update is free for customers who bought WPSpell in 2020.


To add spell check to WPTools VCL Version 5 to 9 you can use our product WPSpell. With WPSpell is easy to offer spell as you go: the misspelled words are underlined and can be corrected from the context menu.

This spell checker is based on a popular spell check engine which was successful for many years. For the benefit of our customers we acquired the license to build a new spell checking component based on a reliable technology. We adapted the technology to current needs. For example, all use of pointers in the spell check engine have been removed, and information has been added to the dictionaries.

Alternatively you can also use the popular 3rd party product Addict Spell with WPTools.

Advantages of WPSpell


The registered version of WPSpell comes with applications to create a dictionary from a word list and to modify dictionaries to change options without having to recompile it. So it is possible to create your own dictionaries. We would be pleased if you allow us to add your dictionary to this list.