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WPViewPDF is available now. It integrates several improvements to font rendering, character detection and some other improvements.


WPViewPDF is available now.
In the manual you will find example code to show how to use WPViewPDF as a "PDF workbench" object. Without having to create a windowed control, it is possible to print a PDF, to convert it to bitmaps, and with the "PLUS Edition", also merge multiple PDFs or reorder and delete pages. The new release also includes some enhancements to rendering and stability.


WPViewPDF is available. We enhanced the user interface to reorder pages in thumbnail view. The code which writes acroform fields was also updated and font rendering was improved.


WPTools 7.33.1 is available for download. It fixes a problem with tab stops. The DocX import/export has been improved to support text boxes better (Premium Edition). We now also include a programming introduction written In German. Please see file history.txt for other additions.


WPViewPDF is available. It improves the support for AcroForm fields, the FindText function and displays FreeText annotations better. While the user highlights text s/he can press CTRL+Z to undo the added highlight. We also improved the "WPViewPDF MakeImage", our plugin for the excellent Imaging Library ImageEn.


The WPTools 7 DocX import and export has been improved. The new build solves a problem with exported textboxes and numbering.


a New Build of TextDynamic 7 is available for download. It integrates the latest changes in the editor engine and fixes a problem with the PDF export.


Julian Ziersch speaks on "Delphi Tage" in Cologne and presents a crash curse for WPTools programming. Thanks to anybody who take part.


A Windows 10 update disturbed the Delphi printing system. We posted updates for WPViewPDF V3, V4, TextDynamic 7 which include a work around. (The print problem was now officially fixed by a Windows update)


We posted a new build of WPTools 7 to fix a problem which occured when applications where compiled with Delphi versions before XE.


There are new builds of WPViewPDF Version 3 and Version 4 available which fix a problem which occurred while loading the 64 bit DLL. (System.DLLNotFoundException: Unable to load DLL)


WPViewPDF adds a new command to check if the document was modified (i.e. if pages were moved).
There is now a new function pdfMakeImageExt which allows it to load PDF data from an IStream interface and save the created bitmap (or bitmaps) to an IStream.
Now you can use WPViewPDF with the VCL imaging component ImageEn to open PDF data. A read to use plugin unit has been provided.
A VCL Demo for WPTools within Delphi 10.1 Berlin has been published here.


WPViewPDF 4.01.5 improves form editing and PDF saving even further. It is now also possible to add attachment files to a PDF, this mean you can embed data files to be saved with a PDF. There is now also a new simple API to create a "pdf workbech object" which can be used to use man of the commands of WPViewPDF to manipulate a PDF file without having to create a window based control. This can be extremely useful if you use a development system other than Delphi or .NET.


WPTools 7.30 was released to fix the (few) problems which were reported the last weeks.


WPViewPDF 4.01.3 makes it now possible to "flatten" PDF documents. With this feature annotations will be rendered onto the PDF pages.


WPViewPDF 4.01.2 has been posted - the support for PDF forms has been much improved. You can create PDF forms with check boxes (various styles), edit fields, combo boxes and list boxes. You can even add masked edits and date drop downs! The user can use TAB to move to the next field and Ctrl+Tab to move to the previous - this works also over page boundaries.
You need WPViewPDF PLUS to save PDF forms. The included program "PDFedit.exe" got a new form to create fields and widgets.


WPTools 7.28 with support for the brand new Delphi 10.1 Berlin can now be downloaded by registered customers.


WPViewPDF 4.01.0 introduces a much enhanced form-filling mode. The user can now tab from field to field and the current field is also highlighted. It is possible to change the status of the checkboxes with the space key. The new WPViewPDF now also loads many PDFs which have been corrupted.


WPTools 7.28 is available now. It improves the WPReporter feature and adds support for thai composite characters.


WPViewPDF 4.0.8 has been released today. It includes support for .NET with a brand new demo. The annotation editing has been further enhanced - it is now possible to modify certain attributes of annotations in the PLUS edition. It is now also possible add link annotations. The demo includes fully operational components and demos for .NET and Delphi. The EXE demo let you try out most features easily.


We posted a service release for WPViewPDF V3 which solves a problem when saving named destinations.


wPDFControl and wRTF2PDF / TextDynamic Server V4.30 are available now. Both products have been optimized for better threaded and 64bit performance. The problems which occurred with 64bit .NET applications have been fixed. Please download the demo which also includes a new executable to demonstrate multithreaded PDF generation.


WPViewPDF Version 4.0.7 is available now. It comes with an updated .NET interface assembly and a brand new dotnet PDF view and annotate project which uses our new action system.


WPTools 7.27 is available now. It improves the table formatting by avoiding orphans table header.



WPViewPDF V3.27 improves the page moving within the page thumbnails and fixes a rare problem with incorrect clipping of images.


wRTF2PDF / TextDynamic Server V4.24 is available now. It integrates the latest enhancements to our word processing and PDF creation engines. It also solves the problem with the demo to only show the message "Expired".


WPViewPDF V3.26.2 comes with new JBIG2 support dlls. This solves a problem which occurred in some projects when unloading WPViewPDF.


wPDF V4.12 is available now. It includes improvements for the attach-file method, which can be used to embed external data into a PDF file. The new method WPDF_ConvertImageFiles makes it easy to convert a set of PNG image files to a new PDF file.


There is a new build of our PDF viewing and manipulation component WPViewPDF V3 available. It solves a rare clipping problem with embedded forms.