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Wordprocessing and PDF components 



WPViewPDF3.26 is now available. It includes several fixes to font handling, image rendering and general stability.


wPDF 4.12 is now available. It includes some improvements to the EMF to PDF conversion, most notably Type3 font export quality.


WPTools 7.26.1 is available now. further enhances the DocX reading and writing.


wPDF 4.11 is now available. It includes some improvements of the EMF to PDF conversion and also support for Delphi 10 Seattle.


WPTools 7.26 is available now. It integrates support for Delphi 10 Seattle and also solves display problems with character backgrounds and table borders after page breaks.


WPViewPDF is now available. It improves the standard GDI renderer which can be used to improve printing speed.


a new build of WPTools 7 has been posted. It fixes a problem with installation in XE8. The DocX support has been improved.


an update to our DOCX Reader and writer units is now available. We have integrated reading of footnotes.


we posted new VCL demos for WPTools 7. Please download here.


WPViewPDF3.25.4 improves font rendering for non-embedded fonts and Fonts which do not define a width table.


the DOCX Reader and writer units have been updated to improve compatibility with MS Word.


WPTools 7.25 is available now. It provides support for Delphi XE8 and C++Builder XE8.


WPViewPDF3.25.3 improves JBIG2 support (sometimes the support DLL was not loaded) and rendering of annotations. The compatibility to slightly incorrect PDFs has been improved.


WPTools 7.24 improves image and text box resizing and adds flags to control visibility of table header- and footer rows for added functionality as report viewer.


We posted a new setup for WPForm PRO 2.x which was tested with Delphi XE7 and WPTools 7.


WPViewPDF3.25.2 is available now - it fixes a problem with some rare embedded fonts. We also added a command to select the word under the mouse cursor and enhanced the text selection method.


WPTools 7.23.3 is available now. It improves the compatibility to earlier Delphi versions.


Our DocX export/import for MS Word files into WPTo0ols has been updated. The problem with tab fill markers and bookmark names has been fixed.


wPDF 4.08 is now available. It includes some minor fixes, especially for better compatibility of the file embedding.


TextDynamic V7.23 is available now. It includes some minor bugfixes. TextDynamic 7 is based on our mature and widely used WPTools 7.


WPViewPDF3.25 is available now. It improves fixes a problem which rare subset fonts which did not include unicode cmap data.


We added a feature to DOCX writer: use format string "DOCX-ActivateTrackChanges' to make MS Word open the file with change tracking being active.


TextDynamic V7 is available now. It is based on our latest word processing and PDF engines. It supports 32 bit and 64 bit windows applications. (ActiveX 32bit only)


wRTF2PDF / TextDynamic Server V4.23 is available now. It integrates a much enhanced word processing engine which is able to natively load and save MS Word DOCX files. So if you are looking for a DLL, .NET component or ActiveX to convert DocX to PDF, please check out our wRTF2PDF demo.


WPTools 7.23 is available now as demo and as full version. This version is the basis for the optional DocX support. It also integrates much better support for Arabic language (activate WriteRightToLeft in FormatOptions) and table columns and -row resizing. The API and the editor engine has been optimized at several places, i.e. report and field features. If you set the flag wpfSectionsWithPagesizeStartNewPage in FormatOptionsEx2 page changing section markers will automatically start a new page.


To celebrate WPTools’ 19th year,
WPCubed is introducing a new exciting add-on to WPTools: MS-Word DocX reading and writing capabilities.
This add-on is now available for licensing.


There is a new WPViewPDF 3 build available. It improves the font handling for PDF files which have incomplete CMAP data. You can also download a new demo from our download section - it includes an exe and the components.