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PDF creation control and DLLwPDFControl

wPDFControl is our solution to create PDF from your application. In contrast to wPDF it works with programming tools which can integrate a DLL. This makes it a perfect tool for legacy C++ Project.

wPDFControl and RTF2PDF (also known as TextDynamic Server) are two tools developed by WPCubed that play a crucial role in document conversion and manipulation. These tools offer users the ability to create PDF documents easily and efficiently.


The underlying PDF engine wPDF is well-established and widely used - wPDFControl makes this engine available for VB, VC, .NET etc. wPDFControl can be used a PDF OCX, in Visual Fox Pro (PDF VFP) as versatile PDF solution. wPDFControl creates compact PDF files.


wRTF2PDF / TextDynamic Server - it includes a complete word processing engine which can be controlled by a powerful API. You can use it to convert RTF to PDF, to create RTF and HTML files, to create image files from each page in a document and so much more.


The latest edition of our PDF Engine is Version 5.

The new PDF Engine supports Type3 font embedding to reduce PDF file size and better support for asian fonts.

Most importantly, 64bit and unicode versions of the engine DLLs are now available.

Click to go to the wPDFControl / RTF2PDF demo download.

Link to wPDFControl and RTF2PDF/TextDynamic Server upgrade page



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"For our reporting tool List & Label we need a high quality PDF exporting engine. With wPDF V3 we did not only get a tool which manages the complicated drawing commands used by our printing engine at high speed, but also incorporates new features such as PDF/A support." - Jochen Bartlau in 2009. (Note: The Standard License does not allow the use within a development tool.) "

PDFControl and RTF2PDF come with a native .NET wrapper class which makes it easy to use the power of these DLLs under your favorite .NET language. We have included the C# source code for this wrapper. The wrapper not only publishes the properties and events of the PDF engine but also includes native .NET features such as a 'Graphics' object for your drawing code. Please check out the online manual of the .NET wrapper

An ActiveX is also included to simplify the usage of the DLL in VB.

The DLL and OCX provide you with a powerful API to create PDF files, including links, outlines, thumbnails, graphics, etc. You can use a graphic device handle (DC) which is compatible to the usual printing code. There is no need to convert the code you currently use for printing in order to create PDF files!

Download the wPDFControl/RTF2PDF Demo DLL


To use this DLL in VB you have to add the OCX library wPDF_X01 to your toolbox.

Then you can create one PDFControl object on your form.

It can be then used as follows to export a metafile from an image object:

If PDFControl1.StartEngine("c:wpPDFControlDLLwPDFControlDemo.dll", "LicenseName", "LicenseCode", 0) = True Then
PDFControl1.BeginDoc "c:test.pdf", 0
PDFControl1.DrawMetafile Image1.Picture.Handle, 0, 0, 0, 0
MsgBox "We were not able to load the PDF Engine DLL", 0, "Error!"
End If

If you want to export a file you can also use:

PDFControl1.DrawBitmapFile 0, 0, 0, 0, EMFFileName

Please note that you have to use the command StartPage to export bitmaps or use drawing commands which use the device handle of the PDF engine (DC).

You have to execute StartEngine and set the path of the PDF DLL. This way it is possible to have different PDF engines on your system, so there is no need to worry about a version conflict. We are also able to customize the DLL for you.

The license information is only important for the registered version.


Are you looking for a PDF tool for Clarion?

Our partner at KlariSoft Inc created a wrapper which makes use of our PDF Engine. You can purchase a license from KlariSoft and you will also get a PDF license from us. Unless you have a PDFControl license code from us, the use of our PDF engine in your application is not allowed.