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Download: WPTools 9.3 VCL trial editions for Delphi 5 ... Delphi 11

This demos are based on WPTools 9.3.6 (built on 29.1.2023).


You can also test many of the features, the quality of the editor and the file import and export using our Word-Processor demo.


WPTools 9 has been improved in many aspects, the icon set is completely new, the API has been improved, there are many new features such as the property grids, Emoji and inplace checkbox support. Of course the editor has been checked and all problems which were revealed were addressed. A demo for Delphi 12 is expected soon. The full version supports Delphi 12.


Note: Programs developed with the demo show a watermark, also on the toolbar icons and include a time limit.


Select Delphi IDE you intend to use:
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Instructions for installation and de-installation



Download the software and run the installer. The installation program will guide you through all the necessary steps.


Access the Windows Control Panel from the Windows start menu. Click Programs and Features and select "WPTools Version 9 Premium+DocX Demo VCL for Delphi xx" from the program list. (xx is the Delphi version, i.e "XE8" if you installed WPTools for Delphi XE8, "DXI_0" for Delphi 11). Then click Uninstall. The software will now automatically be removed from your computer. If you have installed the component into Delphi, you will need to remove the package manually within the Delphi IDE.


To install the WPTools VCL demos inside the Delphi IDE open the file WPTools9_Dx.dpk (x= Delphi version) with "open Project" in the Delphi IDE. A package property dialog will pop up, please click on the button INSTALL to compile and install the WPTools BPL file. To run the projects you will have to add the path WPToolsDx to the library path. If you also use wPDF please activate the PDF support inside the file WPINC.INC and recompile the WPTools package.


The WPTools demo may be used for 45 days, after that the library will show a message and will not print correctly anymore. If you want to try out the optional support for DOCX files, you will need to add the unit WPIoZIPDOCX to the project. To uninstall please select uninstall from the Windows software manager.


Applications created with the demo will not work correctly after expiration and on systems where the demo was not installed.


Please download this new demo if you received the error "No reader class was found or demo is expired!"