WPCubed GmbH
Wordprocessing and PDF components 


30. December 2003

WPCubed GmbH announces: WPTools 5 will be available in spring 2004. It will include better table support and superior style management.
We are also working on the DotNET version.
Customers who bought WPTools Version 4 after October 15th, 2003 will get the upgrade to version 5 for free.

3. December 2003

WPTools V4.21 can be downloaded by registered customers.
A new constructor makes it possible to use the RTF-Engine without a parent form (CreateDynamic) this also helps to improves the RB support units and allows TForm less PDF export - a new procedure GetTableSelRowCol retrieves the count of currently selected rows. The function WPFindTxtOnPage can be used to quickly check if certain text markers exists on a page. This is useful to support individual header and footer for certain pages. V4.21 includes a few fixes which were required fror V4.20.

4. November 2003

WPForm has been updated for registered customers. The new version 2.30 improves the operation with XP Themes.

24. October 2003 - new forum

There is new web based newsgroup.

5. October 2003

Version 4.2 of the powerful word processing suite WPTools for Delphi and
C++Builder introduces new impressive possibilities and enhances the
already existing features. New: better OLE support, RTL reading, advanced HTML/CSS reader and writer, binary RTF variables, new and improved pagination options.

1. October 2003

WPViewPDF is complete! Now you can license a component to view the PDF files your application has created. This new component works with different development systems, but does not require any OCX registration.

12. September 2003

Registered WPTools Customers may download WPTools V4.11e. It comes with a complete new unit for cascading style sheet support (CSS) which is improves the HTML/CSS input and output a lot. A nice new feature is the ability to save selection markers with the text.

1. July 2003

Our PDF Engines PDFControl and RTF2PDF now come with a native .NET wrapper class which makes it easy to use the power of this DLLs under your favourite .NET language. The wrapper does not only publish the properties and events of the PDF engine but also includes native .NET features such as a 'graphics' object for your drawing code. Please check out the manual of the .NET wrapper

26. May 2003

WPTools V4.11d released. It introduces the first level of right-to-left writing support and solves the bullet problem of V4.11c.

14. May 2003

WPTools V4.11c released. It introduces a new memory mode which makes the use of unicode characters possible when your OS allows that, too. Several problems have been fixed.

13. May 2003

Released: FREE wpCubed RAVE RAVE Renderer to create EMF, BMP and JPEG files from RAVE reports.

12. May 2003

Version 2.10 of wPDF Released
Add version 2.10 of wPDF to your toolbox and you are adding a single component that gives you a multitude of possibilities. This multi-talent has now everything you need to create PDF files from ReportBuilder™, RAVE™, WPTools, THTMLView, ACE-Reporter, WPForm, QuickReport, FastReport and DeveloperExpress™ Printing System.

2. April 2003

WPTools Version 4.10 has been released.
This powerful word processing component suite has been further enhanced to allow table rows to span multiple pages. A great deal of time and effort has been put into improving the header and footer handling (try it, you’ll like it!) and text numbering in standard or outline mode.

28 February 2003

wPDF Version 2.02 solves problems of the first release and adds support for different pen styles. WPTools export now also handles subscript and superscript. Manuals and Demos have been updated.

1 February 2003

wPDF Version 2 has been released. It introduces an all new rendering engine, embedding of font subsets and 128 bit encryption.