WPCubed GmbH
Wordprocessing and PDF components 


1. January 2012

WPViewPDF V3.02.9 improves support for embedded subset fonts. (Fixes problem with missing or wrong characters)
Function pdfMerge can now delete the source PDF or TIFF files after a new PDF file was created.

27. January 2012

WPViewPDF V3.03.1. Adds support for double clicks. Fixes problem with AES encrypted files.
New: possibility to draw frame and copy part of the page to the clipboard.
New: HTML export can now also add text positions.

12. March 2012

WPTools 6.25 improves loading and saving of HTML code and editing. Border redraw code was optimized. (also see history.txt)

19. March 2012

TextDynamic V1.90 improves loading and saving of HTML code. Editing was also improved.
We release a new DLL edition which resets the usuage counter so You can test TextDynamic if You have installed it before.

31. May 2012

WPViewPDF V3.05.5. includes several improvements to painting and draw objects.

18. June 2012

WPViewPDF V3.05.7. improves saving of PDF files and rendering.

24. July 2012

WPViewPDF V3.06.1
+ OnViewerMessage now received the message code MSGPDF_SetFocus=205 when internally the focus is set.
+ handle PDF files with wrong page height definitions.
+ when writing PDF files empty images will be automatically replaced by white 1 pixel images so other PDF reader will not throw an error.
- OnHyperlink message also gets URLs which do not start with "http:" or "file:"
- certain links did not scroll to correct y coordinate.

12. September 2012

WPViewPDF V3.06.6 - includes improvement in handling compressed xref tables, fixes a problem prediction decoding code. Improvement of OnHyperlink and OnViewerMessage event.

9. November 2012

WPTools 6.28 - the PRO version includes support for Delphi XE3. Several improvements to rendering, RTF reading, HTML reading and writing and page format calculation.

14. November 2012

wPDF V3.77 PLUS now includes units for Delphi XE3. The standard version comes with source + DLL which makes it independent of compiler updates.

14. December 2012

WPViewPDF V3.08 is available now. It now includes support for 64 bit applications.