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Wordprocessing and PDF components 


1. December 2007

TextDynamic V1.40 is available now. This release improves the handling and general stability. We also added a possibility to replace colors with grayscale values when printing. Also updated was wRTF2PDF/TextDynamic Server, our electronic document creation solution.

30. November 2007

WPTools Service release V5.35.1 is available to download for registered customers.
This release includes several improvements to editing, loading and saving routines. There is now also a routine "WPRichText1.TextCursor.CurrAttribute.AInc" which is able to increate the font size of selected text. The new PrintOption flag "wpAllColorsAreBlack" can be used in case the printer has problems with colored text.

6. October 2007

Since Version 3.5 wRTF2PDF does not "only" convert RTF to PDF but offers powerful interfaces to create text, to open and save RTF and HTML code, insert data and images. So we add the alias name "TextDynamic Server" to draw more attention to this powerful and unique product.
- load text (RTF, ANSI, HTML, UNICODE and MIME)
- process text, create tables, insert text and do mail merge
- generate text (PDF, RTF, ANSI, HTML, UNICODE and MIME)
This component can be easily used with ASP or ASP.NET to create HTML or PDF response output. Please check out our demo server.

5. October 2007

WPTools Service release V5.33 is available to download for registered customers.

3. October 2007

WPViewPDF has been greatly improved. It now has the ability to work with virtual PDF data. The pages are only requires when really neaded, the user can scroll within a virtual document which consists of multiple PDF files.
WPViewPDF PLUS can now use a stringlist with text and position information to add text to an existing document. This is perfect if you need to fill out forms.
Some bug fixes are included, i.e. fix a problem with right click on the bookmark view.

25. September 2007

TextDynamic V1.38 is available now. In this version we have integrated an alternative formatting routine for HTML pages. Linked images can be loaded through HTTP connections.

12. September 2007

WPTools Service release V5.30 is available to download for registered customers. It includes some enhancements to the API, added methods and improvements to the rendering engine.

26. July 2007

WPTools Service release V5.25 is available to download for registered customers. It includes some stability improvements.

20. July 2007

wRTF2PDF V3.56 is available now. The integrated word processing engine was improved for better section and keepN handling. You can download the PDFControl demo from our download section - it also includes the RTF to PDF conversion.

17. July 2007

WPViewPDF V2.06.2 is now available!
It now supports compressed objects and the new XREF tables introduced by PDF V1.5. The image support has been improved and a problem with the text rendering has been fixed. A C# Demo (.NET 2) has been included.

3. July 2007

WPViewPDF V2.05 is now available!
This is not only a PDF viewing component (.NET, VCL, OCX) but, as PLUS edition, also merges, split and stamp PDF files. Some easy to use methods which are exported from the main DLL can be also used in C to print or merge PDF files. Version 2.05 implements new rendering algorithm for embedded black and white bitmap graphics.
Now scanned documents are displayed a lot faster and in a much better quality..

26. June 2007

TextDynamic V1.36 is now available. It includes stability and handling improvements. The HTML reader works now better when loading non well formed HTML. The event used to paint a watermarks has been also improved. The .NET assembly has been modernized. We have added support for smallcaps characters.

4. June 2007

WPTools V5.24 - Service Release - improves undo and HTML reader. The HTML reader can now load utf8 encoded files.

1. June 2007

WPViewPDF our PDF viewer control is now available as Version 2!
* optionally integrates font rendering engine to display and print Type 1 fonts (simply add 2 DLLs)
* support for TrueType subset fonts.
* improved support for CMYK images.
* new auto scroll mode activated with middle mouse button.
* display bookmarks of PDF file.
* text selection and copy
* optimized load and render methods to open and display PDF files with thousands of pages instantly.
The upgrade is free for customers who purchased WPViewPDF V1.x after 1. May 2007.

7. May 2007

WPViewPDF is now available as Maintenance release V 1.40. The PDF viewing engine has been further enhanced.
The text display is a lot better now since it uses anti aliasing when smaller zoom values are selected. The PDF engine has been improved to handle inline images and symbol fonts a lot better.
WPViewPDF opens PDF files almost instantly, even if they have hundreds of pages. Within a PDF file you can scroll from top to bottom, you are not restricted to a one page only preview.
With the "PLUS" version it is now possible to add text and vector graphics to certain pages of a PDF file (pdf stamping). Any text will be converted to vectors - this allows it to use special fonts. The graphics will be already visible in the viewer before the PDF data has been updated!
A new pdfMerge function exported by the PLUS version makes it possible to use just one DLL call to combine several PDF files to one. The registered PLUS version includes an additional DLL which converts TIFF files (created by scanner software) "on the fly" to PDF data so they can be merged just like PDF files.

20. April 2007

WPTools V5.23.5 now includes support for Delphi 2007 - Win32. WPTools is a full featured word processing component (VCL) for Delphi and C++Builder. It is built using native object pascal code.

19. April 2007

RTF2PDF Version 3.52 is now available. We added a munch enhanced .NET interface and an event to paint a watermark on every page.
RTF2PDF is a powerful tool to create formatted text under program control. You can load RTF and HTML text, modify it and save as RTF, HTML and PDF. The mail merge functionality makes it easy to work with document templates.

3. April 2007

WPTools V5.23.2 is now available. The table methods merge and split cells have been updated and "undo" has been improved.

2. April 2007

WPViewPDF is now available as Version 1.34. There are a new commands rotate pages and to add a metafile to bebe displayed and printed over or under a certain page. The code for scaled printing has been improved to use the physical margins of the printer. The CCITT decode has been improved.

1. March 2007

WPTools V5.23 is now available. The column feature included in the premium editon is now complete. WPTools 5.23 contains several improvements with style and numbering style handling. The HTML reading and writing has been improved as well.

28. February 2007

Update to the universal word processing component TextDynamic for .NET (VS2010).
When using .NET the method SetDLLName will now pre-load the engine. This improves the speed when a lot editors are created dynamically. The method ReleaseInt() releases an interfaces at once and avoids problem with garbage collection. We added to the the already powerful API: ASetCellProp and ASetCellStyle to apply certain properties to a range of cells in a table, such as header cells, footer cells, cells in odd rows or cells in even rows. Also new is a method to sort the rows in a table.

16. February 2007

wRTF2PDF Version 3.50.5 is now available. It provides a complete programming interfaces (OCX and .NET assembly) to create text in code, to do mail merge, to manipulate the text or to update fields. From now on RTF2PDF will be much more than just an RTF to PDF conversion engine, it is the ultimate tool to create documents (RTF, HTML, PDF, MIME) using ASP or ASP.NET. The API now provided by RTF2PDF is almost the same as the API of our visual word processing component TextDynamic. This makes it possible to use similar code for either product. wPDFControl V3 is now available. It supports file embedding, CID-Fonts and creates smaller PDF files due to automatic image reuse.

9. February 2007

wPDFControl / wRTF2PDF V2.94 uses a different an improved way to initialize the internal metafile to avoid the necessity to use a printer as reference. It also introduces a new property DebugPath which makes it possible to create debug metafiles. Simply use SetSProp(16, "c:temp") to create metafiles in the mentioned directory. Now it is also possible to provde the license information as encrypted file - this has been included esspecially for ASP projects.

30. January 2007

TextDynamic for .NET (VS2010):
The developers manual now includes the API reference with several cross links.
All DLLs are now signed (Authenticode).
We added several new API methods, among others powerful methods to access and each paragraph in a document in a loop.

21. January 2007

wPDF V3.06 is now available. It improves the CID-Font feature - there was a problem with some fonts which were not embedded correctly. The EMF conversion engine was enhanced to support pen join and end styles.
We also added a new, unique feature: data embedding! Now it is finally possible to store the document source which was used to create a PDF file within this PDF file. So, when you use WPTools for the PDF creation you can store the RTF source document inside of the created PDF data, the user only has to click on an icon to extract this document. This can be a great feature if you use it to embed programming examples within your programming manual!

13. January 2007

WPViewPDF is now available as Version 1.31. We added support for inline images (images which are defined inside the page description).