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21.7.2021 WPSpell Version 2.2 is available now. The dictionary compiler now has the ability to


compile a dictionary.

20.7.2021 WPViewPDF V4.9 is available.

8.4.2021 WPTools 9.2.003 has been published. You can order the upgrade here. It includes improvements in HTML writer and DocX reader and some fixes in the RTF Engine.

8.4.2021 wPDF Version 4.78 includes fixes for better symbol font and 64bit support.

25.3.2021 WPViewPDF V4.8.7.3 is available. It solves a problem with some font being not displayed correctly.

13.3.2021 WPSpell Version 2 is available now. We kept the interface completely the same but it optionally can use a new, enhanced dictionary format. The new dictionaries can be compiled a lot (up top 50 times) faster and can also be bigger. We tested it with a 36 MB word list. The update is free for WPSpell customers who purchased in 2020. Sorry, there is no demo – we will integrate that into the new WPTools demo. (WPSpell V1 has also been updated, the included dictionary compiler is about 2 times faster now.)

19.2.2021 WPViewPDF V4.8.7 is available. It solves a problem which occurred when PDF files which had been manipulated by signing software were loaded. It also addresses a problem, caused by unusual coding of the PDF structure using newlines instead of spaces.

15.1.2021 WPTools 9.2.002 has been published. You can order the upgrade here. WPTools 9.2 includes improved SVG support (2 new components). We have improved the editor, touch support and UNDO. There is a new formatting algorithm and lots of other improvements.

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