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Wordprocessing and PDF components 

Download: WPViewPDF and WPViewPDF PLUS Demo Component

WPViewPDF is a powerful component which allows you to view and print PDF data. The data can be loaded from memory, file or stream. As "PLUS" edition it can be used to merge PDF files into a new, single file. You can extract PDF pages or delete pages. With the new version 5 you can also add annotations, highlight text and add text fields to create pdf forms.


Here you can download a demo edition of this component. The demo edition will only work until a fixed date, after that it will show the message "expired". It also will print a "Demo" watermark. Also installed is a simple exe (pdfview.exe) which uses the component to view and manipulate PDF files. This application lets you try out WPViewPDF without having to use it in your development system.


Please note, this download is dedicated to the use of developers to evaluate our component.

Instructions for installation and deinstallation


Download the software and run the installer. The installation program will guide you through all the necessary steps.


Access the Windows Control Panel from the Windows start menu. Click Programs and Features and select "WPViewPDF Demo V5.xx" from the program list. (xx is the minor version number). Then click Uninstall. The software will now automatically be removed from your computer.

Please note that the application was made for demo purposes only. It is provided for evaluation purpose only and may not be used in production.

This is not free software, it is a programming sample which may only be downloaded from this site. Distribution on other media, download sites, CDs etc. is prohibited.