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The support forum has been migrated to a new software, cleaned and secured.


WPViewPDF is available now. The new release improves support for embedded objects. When saving a pdf file you can choose to include all fonts, not only the fonts which were found to be used by the pages.


WPViewPDF is available now. The new release improves text rendering and the compatibility to PDF files which have been corrupted.


WPTools 8.01.01 is available now to solve a problem with zooming in normal layout-mode and improve double-click handling.


WPTools 8.01 is available now. The numbering has been improved. With WPTools "Premium" it is now not only possible to use footnotes, but the footnotes may even span multiple pages! This all works 100% WYSIWYG with intuitive editing of the footnote in page layout.


a new build of wPDFControl and wRTF2PDF can be downloaded. It fixes a possible error in the font subsetting code inside of the 64bit module.


we posted a new build of WPTools to fix a problem within the IDE when a RichEdit and TWPRichText was put on the same form.


WPTools 8.0.3 is available now. The table-producer and table sorting has been improved and extended. The setup script now makes sure the VCL directory may be modified.


WPViewPDF is available now. Using a new command it is now possible the UNDO buffer used by the PLUS edition. This can help to reduce memory usage when doing automatic updates to annotations (form fields).


WPTools 8 is available and can be ordered now! (The update is free for customers who purchased WPTools in 2017)
The editor has been much enhanced, so there is now touch support, improved outlines and support for text dictation applications. The mail-merge helper TWPDataProvider has been improved but, in the bundle and premium edition there is now a tool (
TWPTextProducer) to create a table in the document which is attached to a database.
We imagine that a much better solution than grid components if the data should be printed. Imagine a grid where the user can select rows and cells and paste into a word processor documentation - that is possible with WPTools Bundle/Premium.


WPViewPDF is available now. The PLUS edition integrates a new exciting feature: "Flatten" PDF Forms - you can load PDF forms which contain annotations and save them into new PDF files with the annotation "appearance streams" permanently applied to the PDF pages. This also works when merging PDF files, also using the DLL function pdfMerge. Only one property needs to be set and the fields are converted into permanent text.


wPDF V35.1 is now available to add support for Delphi 10.2 Tokyo and to fix a font issue which sometimes occurred in 64bit builds.


WPViewPDF is available now to fix a small problem within the API.


WPViewPDF is available now. The extraction of attachments (i.e. ZUGFeRD XML) has been improved.


WPViewPDF is available now. WPViewPDF PLUS: It is now possible to create highlight annotations to cover found text. This now also works on text separated by a line break, as long as it could be found by the text search method. Also improved is the display of signature annotations.


There is a new build of the WPTools DocX reader/writer unit available. The updated units fix a problem with tables which were using a relative width and also a problem with embedded images.


WPViewPDF is available now. It improves the find text method to also report the rectangle of the located text. This makes it possible to create highlight annotations automatically.

4.1.2017 WPViewPDF is available now. It fixes a problem which occurred when saving very rare PDF files.