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WPTools 7.08 is available now. We also posted new demos for various Delphi IDEs.
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WPViewPDF V3.11.6 adds the capability to fill PDF forms to WPViewPDF PLUS. It is possible to edit text fields and click checkboxes directly on the PDF page. (mode must be activated)


wPDF 3.82 has been posted. It adds support for Delphi XE5.


WPViewPDF V3.11.5 fixes problems with the display of movable stamps on rotated PDF pages.


WPTools 7.07 is available now. It now includes support for Delphi XE5.
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WPViewPDF V3.11.4 we added support for CalRGB color space (images, vectors and text)


WPViewPDF V3.11.3 we enhanced the API, the rendering, threading and reduced the memory consumption. It is now possible to return to previous position by pressing backspace after clicking on hyperlink or bookmark.


WPViewPDF V3.11.1 is now available. The GDI+ interface code was improved. There was also a change in the PDF saving routine to solve problem error 109 in Acrobat PRO. Addition for fault tolerant handling of embedded images in Type3 scripts.


WPTools 7.04 is now available. It solves the small problems which were reported the last weeks and also introduces improvements to the API.
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WPViewPDF V3.11 solves several issues which were reported the last weeks. The threading concept has been improved.
The function pdfMerge can now also apply a stamp script, for example to print page numbers on the new PDF file.


WPViewPDF V3.10.1 fixes a probelm with the AppendPage command. It is possible to append empty pages to a PDF file and apply objects to it. It also adds a PAGELIST option to the pdfPrint function.


A service release for wPDF has been posted. It solves a problem which external links and named destinations created by the unicode version of the engine.


The new wPDF build implements compatibility with WPTools 7. It also solves the problem that texts are converted to glyphs when they contained € or TM sign.


WPTools 7.01 is now available. It implements new, modern color drop down GUI elements.


WPTools 7 has been published.


WPViewPDF V3.09.8 fixes a few bugs which were reported recently.


WPViewPDF V3.09 improves the painting logic a lot. The threaded update works much better.
It is possible to save pages in XML format with added text positions for easy interpretation of the content.
The method to copy a part of the pdf to the clipboard to screen (in a selectable resolution) has been improved.
In the thumbnail view it is possible to select pages - the program can add a menu to delete or save pages. Use drag&drop to move pages.


WPTools 6.29.1 offers improved theming support for toolbar and toolpanel. Some problems in editor and with loading and saving RTF were fixed.


WPViewPDF V3.09.2 further improves threading. It is now possible to switch the viewer to a single page mode. It is possible to change the parent of the thumbnail view window to implement other GUI layouts.


WPViewPDF V3.09.3 solves a problem with clipping created by clipping regions. It also solves text problems which occurred only when the default codepage was asian.


TextDynamic V1.95.1 integrates an improved PDF engine and fixes a few small problems.


WPViewPDF V3.09.5 implements a zoom tool - the user can draw a rectangle to select the area to enlarge. The API has been enhanced to convert PDF to screen coordinates and vice versa.


WPViewPDF V3.09.6 now you can use it to read and write the bookmarks of a PDF file in XML format.
It is now possible to use WPViewPDF in 32 and 64 bit .NET and VCL Applications.