WPViewPDF PLUS … manipulate PDFs

WPViewPDF PLUS is based on WPViewPDF.


In addition to WPViewPDF Standard the PLUS edition supports:

The PDF information loaded into the memory can be saved to a new PDF file.
This means that with the PLUS edition it is possible to

  • “merge PDF files” – if multiple PDF files has been loaded a new file with the contents of all the PDF files will be written
  • “delete pdf pages” – if pages were marked to be deleted they will not be written and so removed from the PDF.
  • “extract PDF pages” – selected PDF pages can be save to a new PDF file.
  • “stamp PDF files” – text, image and simple graphics can be applied to the PDF pages.
  • New, empty pages can be added and the page order can be changed
  • Special draw objects can be added to the PDF
  • Text can be interactively highlighted and the highlight annotation will be saved
  • Annotations of a PDF file which was loaded can be modified
  • Fields can be added to the AcroField structure of a PDF form
  • Field widgets can be added to a PDF: text, memo, checkbox, combobox and listbox types are supported.
  • Other PDF files can be reused as watermark for the current PDF file
  • When saving the PDF the pages can be scaled to defined dimensions
  • Encryptions can be added
  • “Flatten” PDF Forms – you can load PDF forms which contain annotations and save them into new PDF files with the annotation “appearance streams” permanently applied to the PDF pages.

WPViewPDF V4 supports a special “document object layer” which is located “over” the loaded PDF file. This object layer can be used to apply the same stamping objects to multiple PDF files which are just loaded one after the other. While with the standard edition ist is possible to use this feature to add information for printout, with the PLUS edition the draw objects can also be rendered permanently into written PDF files. Further more the draw object layer can be loaded and saved in XML format, which makes this feature excellent to fill out graphical forms, such as certificates.

WPViewPDF PLUS is also able to modify the fields loaded from PDF by code. This makes it possible to fill out official data forms automatically. The properties of annotations can be extracted as XML, this XML can be modified and reapplied.

WPViewPDF PLUS als exports the DLL function pdfMerge() which makes it possible to use the pdf merging functionality without a visible editor or from languages such as C++.

The PLUS edition can also be used to extract data which was attached to a PDF file, i.e. ZUGFeRD_Invoice.xml data.

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