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WPViewPDF PLUS - General

WPViewPDF PLUS is a versatile and powerful component to not only view PDF files directly in a program, but also manipulate it in various ways. It is based on the PDF viewing component WPViewPDF and has all its capabilities, but it can also save new PDF files.



Optional: Source code is available

We offer an addon Source-Code license for Delphi Developers - Requires Delphi 10.1 and later.

The source code makes it possible to compile your program without the WPViewPDFxx.DLL. This improves startup time and you can also change the rendering and PDF management code. Requires 2 or more WPViewPDF PLUS basis licenses. Please ask us for conditions.

The price is 580 euro (net) per year per license



WPViewPDF also supports a special "document object layer" which is located "over" the loaded PDF file. This object layer can be used to apply the same stamping objects to multiple PDF files which are just loaded one after the other. While with the standard edition ist is possible to use this feature to add information for printout, with the PLUS edition the draw objects can also be rendered permanently into written PDF files. Further more the draw object layer can be loaded and saved in XML format, which makes this feature excellent to fill out graphical forms, such as certificates.

WPViewPDF PLUS is also able to modify the fields loaded from PDF by code. This makes it possible to fill out official data forms automatically. The properties of annotations can be extracted as XML, this XML can be modified and reapplied.

WPViewPDF PLUS als exports the DLL function pdfMerge() which makes it possible to use the pdf merging functionality without a visible editor or from languages such as C++.

The PLUS edition can also be used to extract data which was attached to a PDF file, i.e. ZUGFeRD_Invoice.xml data.


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More information and examples ...

WPViewPDF can be easily integrated into .NET application for Windows. This is a screenshot of our sample application which main form which has just about 335 lines of code - most of it displayed on this page. But this does not mean you cannot change anything. To the contrary, since the GUI is created in generic code, you can with just a few changes update the entire look and the user experience.
This is a screenshot of the demo:
The WPViewPDF DLL includes a function called pdfMakeImageExt which can be easily used with ImageEn to load bitmap representations into this powerful imaging library. ImageEn is an extensive component suite for image editing, display and analysis written in pure VCL code for Delphi and C++ Builder, and is also available for .NET. Thousands of software developers use ImageEn to add powerful multimedia functionality to their applications.
The unit wpcubed_pdf_plugin has been provided to make this as easy as possible. Usually all you have to do, is to include this unit to the uses clause in your application. Then your application will use the WPViewPDF DLL to show PDF data inside the ImageEn viewer.
The PDFWorkBench is an object which can be created using some functions which can be imported from the WPViewPDF DLL.