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View PDF directly in your applicationWPViewPDF Standard

This is a powerful component to load and display and print PDF files. Multiple PDF files can be loaded in one viewer and be displayed as one.

Applications without powerful PDF support are unthinkable today, so many companies already relay on our powerful PDF creation engines wPDF and wPDFControl.

With WPViewPDF we provide a powerful component to view and print, and the with the "PLUS" edition also modify PDF files.

With our WPViewPDF you can license a powerful tool (for .NET and as VCL for Delphi in one package!) to display and manipulate PDFs right in your application! Since the main PDF engine was compiled into a DLL (32 bit and 64bit are provided) it is also possible to call some DLL functions directly, such as pdfPrint and pdfMerge. This also works from C++ and VB6. To support old VB6 application even further we also included an 32 bit ActiveX interface into the WPViewPDF package.

Unlike many competing products WPViewPDF displays even large PDF files instantly due to its multi threaded architecture - and without using a cache based on temporary files.

WPViewPDF can render most PDF files, it can load several PDF files which are then viewed as one and can add information prior to printing, such as page numbers or labels. WPViewPDF has been designed to print reports and invoices, not CAD maps.

WPViewPDF also introduces a much enhanced form-filling mode. The user can now tab from field to field and the current field is also highlighted. It is possible to change the status of the checkboxes with the space key.

It is also possible to "flatten" PDF files - with this feature the annotations and/or the fields are rendered into the page description.

The user can select text and copy it to the clipboard or make bitmap snapshots. There is an integrated thumbnail and bookmark view.


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WPViewPDF also allows it to add highlight and frame annotations. With the black-text annotation the selected text will get a black background which makes it impossible to read it after it was printed. (The text is not deleted)


WPViewPDF PLUS does everything what the standard edition does but also SAVES PDF documents. It also does some additional "tricks".

WPViewPDF Version 5 is full backwards compatible to version 4.

With WPViewPDF you get in a single package

WPViewPDF is driven by different interface modules and the central engine DLLs which have been compiled with the latest compilers.

You can download a demo on this site - this demo includes the modules and executable demos.


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