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Wordprocessing and PDF components 

word processing for .NET and as OCXRTF2PDF / TextDynamic Server

RTF2PDF/TextDynamic Server is a powerful tool that allows users to easily convert Rich Text Format (RTF) files into PDF format. It also loads DocX and has a powerful API to manipulate documents.



The perfect tool for document and PDF creation

The fully programmable word processing engine for deployment with end user applications (DLL, VB, .NET) and on ASP or ASP.NET servers for text, i.e. RTF and PDF creation. With Version 4 also 64 bit Windows servers are supported.

The powerful API makes it easy to

RTF2PDF can be easily used with ASP or ASP.NET to create HTML or PDF response output. Since the API is so similar to the API of TextDynamic you can use almost the same code in your ASP page as you used for your desktop application.

This means that using our RTF2PDF / TextDynamic server your windows www server can create PDF, HTML and RTF output like your desktop program. Do you need this functionality also for Linux? If yes, please drop us a line.

The demo can be downloaded here: Download the wPDFControl/RTF2PDF Demo

Read more in the TextDynamic/Server Online manual.

wRTF2PDF - Programmable Word Processing Engine

Integrated word processing engine

Integrated PDF engine

The underlying engine wPDF is widely used in thousands of applications world wide. Also combits popular reporting tool List & Label is using wPDF since 2003.

Powerful programing API (.NET and COM)

TextDynamic + RTF2PDF / TextDynamic Server Manual

This is the HTML Version of the combined Manual and Reference which is provided as PDF and CMH file.


Here you can download the RTF2PDF demo. It includes an ActiveX and .NET DLLs for the Framework 1.1, 2 and 3.5. wPDFControl can also be used in C++ directly. The demo works for 45 days.

Export RTF file using "Commands"

if PDFControl1.StartEngine("c:tempwpPDFControlDLLwPDFControlDemo.dll", "LicenseName", "LicenseCode", 0) = true Then
  PDFControl1.BeginDoc "c:temptest.pdf", 0
  PDFControl1.ExecIntCommand 1000, 0
  PDFControl1.ExecStrCommand 1002, "c:temptest.rtf"
  PDFControl1.ExecIntCommand 1100, 0
  MsgBox "We were not able to load the PDF Engine DLL", 0, "Error!"
End if

Export in VB6/VBS, using Interfaces (IWPMemo)

Private Sub Command1_Click()
' Initiate the OCX (if it is not already on the form)
Set PDF = CreateObject('wPDF_X01.PDFControl')
' Start Engine, last param =LIC_CODE
If PDF.StartEngine(DLLNAME.Text, "LIC_NAME", "LIC_KEY", 0) Then
' Load the file, TRUE would insert/append it
If PDF.Memo.LoadFromFile(RTFFileName.Text, False, "AUTO") Then
     PDF.PDFCreator.PDFFile = Replace(RTFFileName.Text, ".rtf", ".pdf")
' Convert it
' VB6 does not let us call PDF.PDFCretor.Print so we use a command instead
     PDF.ExecIntCommand 1305, 0

' Finish PDF creation
      MsgBox "Cannot load RTF file " + RTFFileName.Text
End If
   MsgBox "Cannot load RTF2PDF Engine from " + DLLNAME.Text
End If
End Sub

You can also add some code to replace some text and change page format

If PDF.Memo.LoadFromFile(RTFFileName.Text, False, "AUTO") Then
     ' replace text
     PDF.Memo.TextCursor.ReplaceText "[NAME]", "Julian Ziersch", True, False, False, True
     ' Chage Pagesize
     PDF.Memo.PageSize.Landscape = True

Export in ASP.NET (C#)

RTF2PDF pdf = new RTF2PDF();
pdf.Memo.LoadFromFile("somtext.rtf", true, "AUTO");
pdf.PdfCreator.PDFFile = "memory";
// remove any output

// Add new header
Response.ContentType = "application/pdf";

Response.AddHeader("Content-Type", "application/pdf");

// Set a file name which is displayed


// Write the PDF data


// Finish