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Wordprocessing and PDF components 


22. December 2004

WPTools 5.10.5 is available for registered customers.
Please check out the updated PDF manual and the new demos. We have updated the API, added new events (such as paint event for objects), and improved the reader and writer classes.

4. December 2004

The latest release of WPTools 4, V4.25 is available for registered customers. It includes better support for asian languages and a few fixes to the RTF-Engine (removed reset of page margins when too small, no more creation of temporary OLE files, header texts are now measured correctly). Additionally available is a setup with the beta of a package (BPL) for Delphi 2005/Win32.

22. November 2004

WPTools 5.09.6 is available. It includes the new "superprint" component, a powerful tool to print labels and booklets. Movable graphics (relative to page or paragraphs with optional text wrap on both sides) are now saved to RTF using standard RTF tags.

6. October 2004

WPTools V5.08 is available. It includes a new standard editor - this is a powerful editor form which is also used inside of the IDE. The actions and the menus have been placed in a data module - this makes it easy to use them in any application. A VCL demo is now available !
Picture: Header with "free floating" image - In header and footer is is also possible to place graphics. If you choose the graphics to be "free floating" you can place it anywhere on the page and it will be displayed and printed under the the regular text.

4. September 2004

WPTools 5.06.5 - with entirely new vertical and horizontal ruler. The ruler allows it to move tabs stops and to delete tabs stops by dragging it off. Page relative images are now supported. Unlimited Reado/Undo is supported, too.
Picture: State of the art ruler - The brand new ruler supports tab moving, too.

6. August 2004

WPTools V5.0 Release 5.1 is available for registered customers. A new demo shows how to create a table in code at high speed. We have also added a chapter to the PDF manual and a demo which shows how to use WPTools with TBX.

2. July 2004

WPTools V5.0 Release 3 is available registered customers. The image handling has been further enhanced and in the 'bundle' edition we have included the first release of the new WPReporter. This is a powerful but simple to use tool to create documents to be printed, send as e-mail or exported as PDF (using wPDF).

14. June 2004

WPTools V5.0 Release 1 is available for registered customers. (The upgrade is free for all who ordered WPTools 4 after 15. Oct 2003). WPTools 5 is based on a new "RTF engine" which is much more powerful and versatile than the old. So it supports nested tables and row merging, WYSIWYG header+footer editing (in page layout view) - double or multi column page layout view and filling signs for tabstop.
Very impressive is the multi view capability: multiple editors can edit the same text!
WPTools 5 includes strong RTF and HTM/CSS capabilities. Internally it works with datastructures which mimic HTML and cascading style sheets.
Text can wrap on both sides of floating images!
For now, new WPTools customers will get V4 and V5.

12. May 2004

wPDF V2.43 has been released. It optimizes the internal memory handling.

16. March 2004

WPTools V4.22a is now available to registered customers in the protected download site. It solves problems which were reported since V4.21.

16 January 2004

WPViewPDF V1.04 solves text positioning problems, introduces support for RLE compressed images and comes with better search + highlight text functionality.

10. Januar 2004

WPViewPDF V1.03 is now available for download. It supports ANSI text extraction and text search and highlight functionality. It also supports more types of embedded images. (indexed RGB)