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Wordprocessing and PDF components 

Make-Image - (use with ImageEn)

The WPViewPDF DLL includes a function called pdfMakeImageExt which can be easily used with ImageEn to load bitmap representations into this powerful imaging library. ImageEn is an extensive component suite for image editing, display and analysis written in pure VCL code for Delphi and C++ Builder, and is also available for .NET.  Thousands of software developers use ImageEn to add powerful multimedia functionality to their applications.

The unit wpcubed_pdf_plugin has been provided to make this as easy as possible. Usually all you have to do, is to include this unit to the uses clause in your application. Then your application will use the WPViewPDF DLL to show PDF data inside the ImageEn viewer.

You can download our WPViewPDF Demo - it includes two projects which show the integration with ImageEn. Please see folder Demos.VCL/ImageEn.

You can use wpcubed_pdf_plugin with the WPViewPDF Demo, the Standard and the Plus edition and of course, with the MakeImage edition which has been created, to offer that functionality at a reduced price.

Order WPViewPDF MakeImage and other editions.