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Wordprocessing and PDF components 


Find here developing controls as VCL for Delphi and C++Builder, and also for .NET and as ActiveX: WPTools and TextDynamic to do word processing, WPViewPDF for pdf view and WPViewPDF PLUS for pdf view and edit, wPDF and wPDFControl to create PDF and TextDynamic Server to create documents (not only) on ASP.NET


Do you need powerful word processing, RTF and DocX support with Firemonkey? Please check out our support forum for news about this. We are interested to hear your demands and wishes.

Do you need a data sensitive grid for FireMonkey? Our TWPDBGrid can be downloaded for free after registration in the forum.

WPTools is a word processing component that offers support for numerous character and paragraph attributes, style sheets, numbering, and bullet points. It can manage header and footer text, and can optionally also handle columns and footnotes if desired.
Additionally, it offers support for bookmarks, embedded images (with text wrapping around them), and tables of contents.
WPSpell Version 2.
WPSpell is now available in version 2. The dictionary compiler can now handle much larger word lists and is up to 50 times faster doing so. The dictionaries are only compatible to Version 2. The update is free for customers who bought WPSpell in 2020.
wPDF V5 is a PDF creation component designed for VCL applications like Delphi and C++Builder. Unlike many competing products, it deals not only with "Canvas" methods, but also with GDI API calls which require a device handle as parameter (Canvas.Handle). Thanks to this technology, the product has a wide range of uses and can be integrated with various other reporting solutions, such as report builder and fast report. It is particularly effective when linked with WPTools.
While the standard version includes a DLL, DCU files can be ordered to integrate the PDF engine directly into your application without having to distribute additional DLLs. wPDF has been proven successful since 2001 and is widely used in OEM products. It operates internally as an EMF (Windows metafile) to PDF conversion routine, this makes it possible to provide a native canvas property of TCanvas type, with a handle property of HDC type that allows for the use of Windows GDI commands.