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Wordprocessing and PDF components 


22. December 2005

WPTools V5.19.4 is now available. It also supports Delphi 2006.

8. December 2005

WPViewPDF V1.20 now allows dragging of the page using the mouse - simply press the mouse button and move the mouse. The contents will scroll accordingly.

10. November 2005

WPViewPDF V1.19.5 supports web links and links to named pages. The rendering and image support has been further improved.

7. November 2005

WPTools VCL V5.19 is now available. It comes with much better support for sections in RTF reader. The formatting of the text is much faster - this is esspecially visible when loading a huge file or typing into paragraphs which span several pages.

22.September 2005

WPTools VCL V5.18.7 is now available. It improves the HTML reader and -writer and the handling of styles with texts loaded in RTF format. V5.18.7 is available for registered customers in the protected download section.
We also updated WPSpell (V1.12), wPDF (2.61) and WPViewPDF (1.17).

18. August 2005

WPTools VCL 5.18.1 is now available for registered customers .
We have optimized the handling and spend a long time on optimizing the RTF reader. The registered version of WPTools VCL 5 also works with C++Builder 5 and 6.

4. August 2005

WPTools VCL V5.18 is now available. The table handling has been improved a lot. Our customer Generali is using this new version and wPDF to print their form - as you see on the screenshot, it is complicated and uses narrow fonts.
Version 5.18 suppost copy&paste of unicode text. The style handling has been improved (load&save of style sheets).

15. July 2005

We have released WPTools VCL 5.17.4. This release incorporated many items from the wishlist collected during the last weeks. Changing table column and row sizes works smother now. It also improves WPReporter greatly. Now it is easier than ever to convert an existing document into a reporting template. So it is possible to auto create header/footer bands which match the header and footers included in the document (API: ConvertLetterIntoTemplate). A different API converts an existing table into a group with header and footer bands, ConvertTableIntoGroup. We have also added the possibility to wrap the text created by bands or groups into bookmarks.

10. June 2005

WPTools 5.17.2 is now available. We improved the editor and fixed the few bugs which were reported. If you have licensed WPTools Premium and WPReporter you can now use text boxes and footnotes within a WPReporter template. This is a great feature if you want to create a report which explains some of the numbers using footnotes. The texts of the footnotes or textboxes may contain mailmerge fields but bands are not possible. The online documentation (HLP) has an updated category list.

31. May 2005

Our PDF Viewing Component WPViewPDF 1.15 now comes with a new ActiveX component which loads the PDFViewing Engine DLL and offers an interface to it. This avoids version conflicts and still makes it easy to use WPViewPDF within VB and similar development systems. It is even possible to unload the DLL at runtime and load a different DLL!

12. May 2005

WPTools 5.16 is now available for registered customers. With this new release the reporting tool WPReporter is much easier to use, there is also a new master-client demo and a step-by-step guide. WPTools 5 can handle multi section documents (different page sizes in same document) and is able to repeat certain rows in a table at the start and the end of a page. Important: The latest release solves a problem which did only occur when the application was compiled with Delphi 5.

11. May 2005

WPSpell V1.11 is available now. The suggestion algorithm has been improved and more words are now displayed in the spellcheck popup menu.

15. April 2005

WPViewPDF our high speed PDF viewer has been relesed in version 1.11. The internal selection of fonts was improved to display PDF files better. It can open PDF files which were encrypted with 128 bit security. The performace of the CCITT decompression routine has been enhanced.

7. April 2005

WPTools 5.14 is available for registered customers. This new release improves the handling of forms (formfields) and mail merge. The footnote support (included in the premium edition) has been optimized. The property dialog for paragraph and cell borders has been revised. Copy&Paste in table can be used now to overwrite the contents of neighbour cells instead of creating nested tables. The format routine has been checked carefully to improve the text wrap around images.

18. March 2005

WPViewPDF our powerful PDF viewing component, is now available as Version 1.1. It now supports CCITT encoded images which are typically created by scanning software.

16. March 2005

wPDF now supports the new versions FastReport 3 and ReportBuilder 9.

13. March 2005

There is a new Delphi 2005 setup program for WPTools 4.25.

11. March 2005

WPTools 5.13 can be downloaded by registered customers. It solves problems which occured under Windows 98. Many features have been added, i.e. the section handling and repeated table header and footer rows. WPReporter has been much improved.

3. February 2005

WPTools 5.12 can be downloaded by registered customers. This new version includes new code to control the printer properties and many fixes to make editing smoother. Several demos have been added - the total number is now 45! There are also new VCL demos in the download section.

23. January 2005

WPTools 5.11.1 is available for registered customers. It solves a problem with header/footer which are not selected for all pages. It also adds the possibility to lock certain headers and footers and makes it easy to use the TAB key to move the cursor around in a table.

16. January 2005

WPTools 5.11 is available for registered customers. The editing of large texts works much smoother now because of a highly optimized reformat logic and because the preview component is not painted while the user is still typing.
New features are the support for SynEdit syntax highlighting modules, KeepN, and the loading of phpBB codes. The logic to create a table of contents has been updated and it is now also possible to create hyperlinks. The loading and saving of RTF and WPTOOLS formatted files has been improved.

14. January 2005

wPDF V2.51 is now available for registered customers. It includes support for Delphi 2005.