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30 October 2002

WPTools received another great review.
"WPTools 4 from wpCubed GmbH is a superb collection of Rich Text Format components. At its heart is a powerful RTF engine that provides developers with considerable control over formatted text. In creating word-processing applications, it supports standard paragraph properties (indentation, spacing, alignment, margins, and tabs), character attributes (bold, italic, superscript, subscript, color, etc.) and support for hyperlinks, protected text, hidden text, footnotes, headers, footers, bookmarks, mail-merge, and much more. It has strong support for tables and includes easy integration with a number of related tools, including Addict Spelling Checking components and other wpCubed products."
Alan C Moore

3 October 2002

WPTools 3.12 for Delphi 7 can be downloaded from the registered users page.

1 October 2002

WPTools 4.09 released now! It adds support for Delphi 7 and also adds several great features, such as manual hyphenation (Ctrl+minus key), table of contents and reference objects. (A reference object displays the page number(s) of the connected bookmark). The powerful WPReporter component has also been enhanced in this release.

19 July 2002

WPTools Version 4.08a has been released
This release brings improved numbering capability, better paragraph styles, paper-size handling, header+footer collection and much much more
WPForm 2.11 was released
Now WPForm is using the "wpshared" components for undo and localization, the zooming is faster and a few stability issues have been fixed.

18 March 2002

WPTools Version 4
You can downlod the EXE demo here. The Delphi 5 and Delphi 6 demo can be downloaded here. New Version 3 customers (since 1. Oct. 2001) get the upgrade for free.

2 January 2002

wPDF Version 1.34 has been released. It includes better charset support and several improvements to the PDF Engine.

1 January 2002

The company wpcubed GmbH takes over the products WPTools, wPDF and WPForm of the company 'Julian Ziersch Software'.