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Wordprocessing and PDF components 


14.December 2009

WPTools 6.08 Service Release to fix problems with images and numbering.

5. November 2009

TextDynamic V1.62.3: The events OnFieldEnter/Leave can now also be used in regular editing mode. It is now possibility to use multiple watermarks. The manual has been checked and partly rewritten. There are numerous fixes and improvements in the editor and the dialogs.

27. October 2009

WPTools V6.07 has been released. This new release fixes several problems in the editor and reading and writing code. The dialogs have been improved as well.
With the free library GifImg You can now display GIF animations in the editor. The special HTML formatting mode has been enhanced.

16. October 2009

WPViewPDF V2.56 has been released. The PNG and JPEG creation now supports enhanced font rendering.

16. September 2009

TextDynamic V1.61
This edition includes several improvements to the editor and the file reader and writer logic.
When creation monochrome TIFF files from PDF files it will dither the output. So colored text and images stays visible.
See demo on download page

14. September 2009

WPTools 6.05.9 includes some improvements to RTF reading and writing and the editor.
Most important it adds support for Delphi 2010.

13. September 2009

WPViewPDF V2.55 is available.
When creation monochrome TIFF files from PDF files it will dither the output. So colored text and images stays visible.

31. July 2009

RTF2PDF / TextDynamicServer V3.72
It is a fully programmable word processing engine for deployment with end user applications (DLL, VB, .NET) and on ASP or ASP.NET servers for text and PDF creation.
This release includes the latest improvements to our PDF engine for PDF/A support and better font embedding.
This release incorporates the latest PDF and word processing engine.
Now you can optionally use the reporting engine which is also available in TextDynamic. So you can use a document which contains some tokens for fields and bands to create a report. Only two events must be handled to create a new document.
Note: The new demo resets the demo timeout for wPDFControl and wRTF2PDF/TextDynamic Server (Free demo on download page).

31. July 2009

WPTools 6.05.8 solves problems with merge fields, manage header and footer dialog, hyperlink hoover styles and PDF export (with wPDF)

29. July 2009

WPViewPDF V2.54
- improved text positioning
- improved cmap reader
- improved anti alias

27. July 2009

TextDynamic V1.60.8.
This release improves the tab stop handling in the tabstop dialog. It includes an improved PDF engine and we added the possibility to send commands to he editor, when using the popup editor mode (i.e. in VS 2008 with C++)
Note: The new demo resets the demo timeout forTextDynamic (Free demo on download page).

27. July 2009

Service Release WPTools 5.50 is available for registered customers now. It improves the editor and the RTF reading and writing.

21. July 2009

TextDynamic V1.60.5
improves the handling of combined paragraphs (KeepN)
The "Manage Header&Footer" dialog now allows the definition of a new header and footer in a section.
When using the hidden attribute, paragraphs can be made invisible, too (before the paragraph break could not be hidden)
Now suppors scrolling with middle mouse button.
The quality of the RTF reader has been improved.

20. July 2009

WPViewPDF - Service Release 2.51. Improves the textoutput and fixes a problems in the loading code.

15. July 2009

WPTools 6.05 improves the HTML / CSS reader and writer.
Now scrolling by pressing the middle mouse button is supported.
The Premium edition now supports column balancing!
There is now a "auto thumbnail" mode, which displayes the page numbers.
This important release also includes numerous improvements to the API and the editor in general.

1. July 2009

wPDF 3.55 - improves text output and the PDF conversion in general. We also imporved the conversion text to gylphs.

29. May 2009

WPViewPDF V2.53
Service release to enhance the compatibuility with certain PDF files. The logic to align and position characters has been enhanced.

26. May 2009

TextDynamic V1.55.3 includes an important fix: The spell check interface did not work correctly in MDI environments. We also included additions to the programming API and updated the manual with some VB6 examples.

11. May 2009

Service releases of WPTools for Delphi and C++Builder are now available
Version 5.48.3 and Version 6.03.3 fix recently reported problems with RTF reader and editor.
There is also a new release of WPSpell which includes an improved dictionary compiler.

10. May 2009

TextDynamic V1.55 -
* improved .NET (1.1, 2, 3) interface with new methods in object "Memo" and improved compatibility to docking frameworks
+ With premium license you csan offer integrated XML editor with tag objects
* improved spellcheck handling
* several changes to optimize the editor
The new TextDynamic_Demo.exe (available at download section) initializes the demo expiration date. You can test for another 45 days!

10. May 2009

wPDF V3.51 is now available.
- fixes problem with Delphi 2009 support.
- PDF/A property now also allows selection of pdfALevelB.

29. April 2009

WPViewPDF V2.49
- Service release to enhance the compatibuility with certain PDF files. Fixes pdf writing problems in "PLUS" module.
+ adds new command to highlight multiple rectangular areas on various pages.

25. February 2009

wPDF V3.5 is now available. We completed the Delphi 2009 support which also works in the DCU ("Plus") and Source edition.

23. January 2009

WPViewPDF V2.31
This component can now display text and checkbox acroform fields.
The "PLUS" edition can also read and fill those fields and save the PDF with new contents. When using Delphi a "mail merge" process, similar to the one in our wprd processor WPTools is possible.

21. January 2009

WPTools V6.02
Introduces anti aliased rendering of embedded monochrome images. Avoids loss of detail when images are displayed on screen.
Some improvements in HTML load code. Several improvements to editor and load and save code and improved compatibility to Delphi 2009.

20. January 2009

TextDynamic V1.51.7
service pack to improve editor and stability. Fixes problem with the API TextCursor.InputPicture.

20. January 2009

WPTools V5.47 - service release to fix reported problems