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You need a PDF Viewer for your DotNET application?

WPViewPDF can be easily integrated into .NET application for Windows. This is a screenshot of our sample application which main form which has just about 335 lines of code – most of it displayed on this page. But this does not mean you cannot change anything. To the contrary, since the GUI is created in generic code, you can with just a few changes update the entire look and the user experience.

This is a screenshot of the demo:


The initialization of the form is done here

The code calls a function to initialize the toolbar – InitToolbar.

It uses a string array to list all action names which should be used. The names are also used to load the PNG images from the resources to be displayed on the buttons.

To update the button state a generic method can be used. It simply enumerates all buttons, reads the action id which has been stored in “Tag” and ask the WPViewPDF engine about the current state of this action.
This method is executed by an event of WPViewPDF – it can be used to update the GUI.
This is the most important function. It is executed by any click on the toolbar on the menu. You can copy&paste it to your application and use it with only few changes since it uses flags to determine, i.e if an open file or a save dialog has to be displayed. Also here, the action id is read from the “Tag” of the sender control.
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