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RTF2PDF / wPDFControl Demo

This demo can be used to evaluate both, wPDFControl and wRTF2PDF / TextDynamic Server. While wPDFControl is a pure EMF to PDF converter (it also offers a graphics handle, DC) - wRTF2PDF is very versatile tool to create and convert documents. Its programming interface is almost identical to TextDynamic.

You can evaluate for 45 days.


You can use this tool with .NET, as OCX and also the pure windows DLL.

Please note, this download is dedicated to the use of developers to evaluate our component.

Instructions for installation and uninstallation


Download the software and run the installer. The installation program will guide you through all the necessary steps.


Access the Windows Control Panel from the Windows start menu. Click Programs and Features and select "wPDFControl/wRTF2PDF TextDynamic Server DEMO V4.23.3" from the program list. Then click Uninstall. The software will now automatically be removed from your computer.