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We are proud to announce that WPCubed has won the

Top 100 Publisher Award on ComponentSource for 2024


WPViewPDF is available now.
Now, when switching to thumbnail layout, the user can zoom in and out - the selected zoom value is stored for the next time the thumbnail mode is used. The source code has been refactored. We now license the pascal source code of WPViewPDF to Delphi developers. Please ask us for conditions.


WPViewPDF fixes a line an polygon problem on rare PDF files.


WPViewPDF now offers the possibility to extract information about the installed fonts.
In certain PDF files the rectangles were not printed. This problem was caused by supporting rectangles to be part of combined paths.
The problem has been solved in this build. This also fixes the AV which happened when the font support DLL could not been found.


WPViewPDF has been published. It will improve the rendering quality of complicated vector logos which mix rectangle and curves.


WPTools - includes many fixes in RTF reading and writing, UNDO support and API. TParagraph.InsertNewObjectPair makes it easy to create hyperlinks anad fields in lowe level code. TWPRichText.UndoSaveState / UndoRestoreState can be used to encapsulate extensive changes to the text to be able to restore as a whole.


WPViewPDF includes revised exception handling for PDF files which are corrupt. A new flag for command: COMPDF_AdvancedFontDrawing will disable painting of fully transparent text . Word distances (Tw) are now also used when text uses offsets


WPTools, includes several enhancements in XML support unit (WPXmlInt.pas) and WPT format reader. DocX reading and writing has been improved.


wPDF 5.1.4
* Improved clipping for right aligned text
* Improved base line calculation


WPViewPDF 5.2.7
A new build of WPViewPDF has been released.
+ supports line width in ExtGState
* better select unicode through freetype
+ use SetGlobalParameter(“IgnoreMask0=1”) to fix a problem with some PDF files which
use an apparently wrong mask setting for monochrome images as Mask [0 0]


WPViewPDF 5.2.5
* improves handling of 1 bit images with alpha bitmap
* 1 bit images are painted without anti alias (important for barcodes)
* hold scroll position when window size changes
* prohibit position change when user expands a node in bookmark view