Table support


Tables with WPTools

  • Merge cells horizontally
  • Split cells horizontally
  • Rows can span multiple pages
  • Option: Disable page breaks in table rows (if they fit on one page)
  • Option: Disable page breaks in tables (if they fit on one page)
  • Different Borders for each cell
  • Different Background color for each cell
  • Multiple paragraphs in one cell
  • Support for nested tables
  • Merge cells vertically
  • Support for nested cells
  • Set fixed size for rows
  • Powerful object oriented API
  • Multiple paragraphs in one table cell
  • Hierarchic memory concept (<table><tr><td></tr>…)
  • Set fixed length for columns (overflow text is hidden)

With WPTools You can place multiple paragraphs and even other tables inside a table cell. The formatting procedure is capable enough to create page breaks within a table row, even if this row contain another table. Of course this is a format option which can be also switched off.

The developer sees a table as nested paragraph objects. It is possible to access each cell using the Rows[] and Cols[] arrays.

It is also possible to repeat certain rows after a page break to create header areas.

Automatic header and footer rows