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Mail merge in WPTools

"Mail Merge" means the automatic update of data fields in any document.


It can be used to do mass mailing or to create customizable database record views.

With WPTools merge fields are not destroyed by the merge process, the field data can be exchanged as soon as it changes. So it is possible to scroll through a database with a merge letter being "attached".


The mail merge feature is exceptionally strong with WPTools. You can merge in standard ANSI text, formatted text and images. Formatted text may be encoded in HTML, RTF or the WPTOOLS format.

The merge fields always use a start and an end marker. This makes it possible to just replace the text in-between - the merge process can be repeated over and over again. Similar fields as for mail merge can be also used to create forms.


The document can be also used as data entry form

It is possible to read out the contents of the merge field.


Example Mail merge form

The display of the field markers can be customized. They can be also hidden (property "InsertPointAttr"). The text inbetween ("AutomaticText") is the merged text.


What's so special about this mailmerge engine?


Combine several letters to large document:

Only a few lines of code are required to combine the texts.


You can insert page breaks between the letters and even create a new section (with a different page layout).


Do you need to create lists and tables?

Then the addon WPReporter can help you. It adds groups and bands to the mail merge functionality.