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Powerful Image Support in WPTools

WPTools allows you to embed images in the text. Once they are selected, the editor will display a frame with sizer markers. The images can be resized and moved. If the image is "free floating" not only the frame, but also the anchor will be drawn when the image is selected.

Of course it is possible to disable the resizing or only allow resizing which keeps the aspect ratio.

Images which are linked to a paragraph can be placed anywhere under the start of the respective paragraph. The text can optionally wrap on the left, the right or both(!) sides of the image.

The text can optionally wrap on both sides of the image!

Images which are linked to a page can be placed anywhere on the page with the paragraph which owns the anchor object . It is also possible to use this kind of "free floating" images in header texts - they will be displayed on all the pages this header has been activated for, anywhere on the page.

In this example the header is in edit mode. This makes the image (otherwise "behind" the text) selectable and movable. You can see the blue pin - it markes the paragraph which contains the anchor of the image which is currently selected. Only the left You can se ethe preview: the image is visible on all the pages which are using this header text, too.