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Multiview (splitscreen) technology

WPTools strictly separates the text data structures from the output logic. This makes it possible to show the same text using an editor and a preview component. Even more impressive is the possibility to edit the same text using different editors!

Text paths
The multiview technology cannot only be used to implement a splitscreen feature, it can be the solution edit the a text path:
This means that different editors are set up to each edit one part of the document. When the cursor leaves one box it is automatically moved to the next or previous box. Text which scrolls out of the first editor scrolls into the next box etc. Since all the involved editors work with one text there is no danger to loose information when text scrolls out or in. No text is actually copied in this case, just the view window is changed.

Shared styles
Several Editor may uses the same RTFProps object, that is the owner of the style catalogue.