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WPTools will always work in WYSIWYG mode, this means the printed output will always match the output you saw in the editor. Making this work is actually a quite complicated task and the editing engine has to be well prepared for it so the concept of WPTools was created from ground up to make this consequent WYSIWYG behavior possible.

The text in the editor can be freely scaled. The scaling process does not require a reformat which does not only make it very fast, it also avoids any change of page or line breaks.

Please also note that the WYSIWYG technology in WPTools does not use a printer driver to calculate the fonts width. So, if the current printer is changed, the text does not have to be reformatted - this avoids the change of page breaks or line breaks which is evident in other products.

The editor control in WPTools can be set up for optimal printing or screen display quality. If you do not need WYSIWYG printing you can have a clear display - the output will be optimized for the screen rather than for the printer. (Formatoptions)

property "LayoutMode"

Normal: the page margins are not visible. Optionally the page breaks can be displayed as dotted lines.
"PageGap" and "Extended PageGap": Similar to normal, but space between pages is filled with the 'desktop' color. The page number any other text) can be displayed here, too.
Page Layout Mode: The complete page is displayed. This includes the header and footer text which can be edited, too. It is also possible to display the pages in multiple columns.
Double Page: Display 2 pages side by side and adjust the zooming to make always the complete page or page width visible.
Thumbnail: Display thumnails of the pages in as many columns possible

property "AutoZoom"

Editor in Thumbnail mode


The property PageColumns can be set to the number of virtual pages which should be displayed side by side.


We have added the procedure SetZoomMode. It is used to set a number of properties with just one function call. This procedure makes it very easy to add provide combobox with a number of view options in the applications to impress the end user of your program.

Please note that in any layout mode the text stays editable!