Happy Birthday WPTools

Happy Birthday WPTools!

Did you know that WPTools V1 first became available on January 15, 1996?
Originally introduced in 1995 as the successor to TurboPascal, Delphi quickly became a very successful Borland product. Then on January 15, 1996 Julian Ziersch published a new component – WPTools – which allowed programmers to easily add word processing features to their projects. At this time it was available in the CompuServe network (remember that?).

In 1997 the renowned ZAC catalog listed WPTools as a prominent component for Delphi programmers:

WPTools in 1997
WPTools in 1997

In 2004 the main parts of WPTools were completely rewritten to support modern compiler features, to improve security by removing pointers and to optimize the WYSIWYG-experience of the users.
At that time WPTools was the only VCL component which allowed you to edit headers, footers, footnotes and also text boxes in page layout view, completely in WYSIWYG mode.
Now, 19 years after the release of WPTools V1, WPCubed not only offers programmers a complete spectrum of word processing, reporting and PDF tools. These include WPTools 7, WPViewPDF 3, wPDF 4 and WPSpell, only to name the VCL components here.

Today, to celebrate WPTools’ 19th year, WPCubed is introducing a new exciting add-on to WPTools: MS-Word DocX reading and writing capabilities. This add-on will be available for licensing shortly.

During development of this add-on special attention was paid to implement WPTools fields and WPReporter bands in such a manner that the documents could be saved and changed in MSWord and then re-opened in WPTools with everything still intact.

View WPReporter Template in MS Word
View WPReporter Template in MS Word

We’re really excited about this product.

Click to go to the download page “sample word processor” …

The demo was compiled with WPTools 7 “Premium“. This demo lets you “play” with the word processing features of our text components. It is just a prototype and comes without any warranty of any kind. In the lower right corner it print “www.WPCubed.com”.

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday WPTools”

  1. I checked out the demo – it loaded all the MS Word files I tried. Only in a few cases the image were moved. I am developing with WPTools for a long time now, I hope to be able to add this feature to my application soon. When will it be released?

    • Thanks for your comment. The image positioning should already be a lot better in the build from 16.1 – (not all MS Word features to position images are supported, neither does MS Word support what WPTools can do, i.e. position relatively to right margin with offset).
      The release is expected by end of next week.

  2. I am using WPTools successfully since 1999. The introduction of WPTools 5 was a bit bumpy, it seems so that most of the internal parts were replaced. But later I was very happy that I did the change and with WPTools 6 and 7 the upgrades went really smoothly. I am looking forward to add docx support for my customers, they already love the PDF output possible with wpcubeds wpdf.

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