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Spam filter or no spam filter?

Every so often I receive mails from customers who require support or just have questions. Of course and answer goes out - but, unfortunately never reaches the recipient. Instead a new mail arrives, now in a more angry tone: where is my answer. Well, I am trying but SPAM filter make it impossible to communicate.

My contact e-mail is very popular with spammers, nevertheless there are just a few, such as 20 a day which require manual deletion. It is not a big thing with a good e-mail client. I don't feel I would need one, so in our company we do not use a SPAM filter.

In case you wait for an answer from us, please look through the junk mail - often the requested answer can be found there.

BTW.: The contact mail is support@wptools.de. There is also a forum - you can register there, but please do not forget to send a mail with your name and username to our support. There are so many spammers registering at the forum that new users are only activated on requests sent by a person (vs robot).