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A DBGrid for Firemonkey!

For in-house use I developed a specialized book-keeping software. Its main purpose is to do multiple calculations, such as taxes and expenses. Since it would be nice that this program also works with MAC-OS, I checked if it would be…

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Happy Birthday WPTools

Happy Birthday WPTools! Did you know that WPTools V1 first became available on January 15, 1996? Originally introduced in 1995 as the successor to TurboPascal, Delphi quickly became a very successful Borland product. Then on January 15, 1996 Julian Ziersch…

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WPCubed Calculus: The Datamodule

As described in the previous topic SQLight is used as the database.  Delphi XE7 Professional includes the FireDAC components which serve as interface to the database. Since the interface components do not allow the automatic creation of tables and fields…

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