A DBGrid for Firemonkey!

For in-house use I developed a specialized book-keeping software. Its main purpose is to do multiple calculations, such as taxes and expenses. Since it would be nice that this program also works with MAC-OS, I checked if it would be possible to convert the VCL application to FireMonkey. The project mostly uses standard components, WPTools … Read more

WPCubed Calculus: Application Architecture

The application uses SQLight and the FireDAC components included in Delphi XE7. WPTools must be Version 7.20 or later and also include the WPReporter add-on. If you are a customer who has purchased WPTools 7 Bundle, WPTools 7 PRO Bundle or WPTools 7 Premium you can request a ZIP with the source for this application … Read more

WPCubed Calculus – A new MultiDemo

Introduction My goal in programming the WPCubed Multi-Demo was to show how the various WP products can be combined in an advantageous manner, thus allowing the programmer to quickly create an impressive reporting and text-generating application that is easily understood by the end user.  This combination makes many solutions possible that are not usually found … Read more

Spam filter or no spam filter?

Every so often I receive mails from customers who require support or just have questions. Of course and answer goes out – but, unfortunately never reaches the recipient. Instead a new mail arrives, now in a more angry tone: where is my answer. Well, I am trying but SPAM filter make it impossible to communicate. My contact e-mail … Read more

A new website for WPCubed

A new Website for WPCubed … the support forum also moved – and was upgraded, to phpBB 3. Hopefully you like the new site and you can benefit from its new possibilities.